Actuarius – A Tribute to Sir Stirling Moss

I grew up quite a while after Sir Stirling Moss had stopped racing, yet his was still the name in general currency for references to motor sport. Therefore I consider myself fortunate to have seen him drive at various events, and extremely fortunate to have met him three times. It is a measure of the strange arc my life has taken that some of you reading this, friends on Facebook, will have known him very well. However, perhaps those who didn’t know him may be interested in my experiences.

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Actuarius – A Life in Pursuit of the Bentley Boys

To be an enthusiast, for anything, tends to distil into a general interest centred on a particular favourite. Cars and motor sport are my “big thing” and as per the model above, although I have broad interests there are one or two subsets that excite more than any other. The original turbo era within F1 and Group B rally cars betray the age of my adolescence. Land speed record cars speak to my love of speed and adventure whereas Auto-Union grand prix cars appeal to the engineer and provide personal heroes. Lotus and Bugatti, for almost exactly opposite reasons, sit near the top as favourite marques but all are ultimately surpassed by Bentley.

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Dans les pas d’un Bentley Boy

Actuarius, qui nous avait fait vivre le Goodwood Member’s Meeting et le Vintage Revival Montlhéry, a décidé, cet été, de réaliser un vieux rêve.

Another account of this run can be found in the latest Chap magazine

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Actuarius était au 76th Members’ Meeting !

Actuarius est un photographe et journaliste britannique qui nous avait offert un récit du Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2017. Ce week-end, il était à Goodwood à l’occasion du 76th Members’ Meeting. Cet évènement a pour but de recréer l’ambiance des courses du BARC (British Automobile Racing Club), créé en 1912.

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Vintage Revival Montlhery By Actuarius

Le Vintage Revival Montlhéry s’est tenu ce week-end, 6 et 7 mai 2017, sur les pentes de l’autodrome historique du sud de la capitale. Actuarius, passionné britannique, nous livre ses impressions. Afin de satisfaire nos lecteurs anglophones toujours plus nombreux et souhaitant ne pas dénaturer le style de son auteur, nous laisserons ce texte dans sa langue d’origine. Lire la suite de « Vintage Revival Montlhery By Actuarius »